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Circular Products Catalog

To BeCircular from the beginning, you need to buy stuff that doesn't eventually have to be "thrown away."  My Circular World's CPC can help you do that.  Products you will find here embody the core elements of a circular economy...

Reduce The Impact

  • Virgin resources are minimized; diverted waste materials are emphasized

  • Packaging is reusable, recyclable, compostable, or uses less material 

  • Renewable energy sources are favored in the manufacturing process 

  • Chemicals used are organic and/or congruent with natural systems

Image by Outsite Co

Furniture, appliances, cleaning supplies and other things we use to equip our homes add up to more than 150 million tons of waste every year.  Only a fraction of this waste stream is recycled, and hardly any of it is circular.

But MCW aligned companies are trying to change this. By designing products with the intention of reusing them & distributing products with the intention of recovering them, we can reduce this unsustainable amount of waste.

We earn a small commission on some products if you decide to purchase them through our site.  This allows us to keep the site ad free and expands our capacity to facilitate the circular economy. 

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