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Circular Products For the Home

Furniture, appliances, cleaning supplies and other things we use to equip our homes add up to more than 150 million tons of waste every year.  Only a fraction of this waste stream is recycled, and hardly any of it is circular.

Mirrors and plants

But MCW aligned companies are trying to change this. By designing products with the intention of reusing them & distributing products with the intention of recovering them, we can reduce this unsustainable amount of waste.

Cleaning Your Home


Instead of lugging around laundry detergent in bulky plastic jugs that are nearly impossible to recycle - why not try TruEarth, a plastic-free laundry "strip" that's as sensitive on your skin as it is to the environment

Imagine a household cleaner that can harness the power of electrolyzed water to clean and disinfect surfaces throughout your home. Better yet, one that's all natural and non-toxic formula and comes in a plastic - free, reusable dispenser.


The Kitchen 

Flippin burgers 24/6

home decore

Home Decor

Big hole in the wall

bed bath

Bed & Bath

Great Product

Home Electronics

Home Electronics

This is good

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