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Repair extends the life of products and reduces the need for new products to be manufactured. Here you can find resources to extend the life of your stuff by repairing and/or refurbishing it. 

Include information about maintenance is an important part of natural cycles, and list the benefits of repairing products instead of buying new ones.


Include information for:

  • used tools

  • replacement parts

  • courses

  • outreach to MC creators 

  • user manuals

  • faq's

  • forums

Hire a Pro

Use datasets and repeaters like CPC.

Include information for:

  • advice for hiring pros

  • CPC companies with repair operations

  • Companies that can repair products in the CPC


Provide a form for users to fill out if they have reapir ideas for any products listed in the CPC. If they want to make a video or write and article, maybe we can proof it and post it here.

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