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Building a circular economy isn’t going to happen overnight; it’s going to take ideas and ingenuity from companies and consumers alike.  This is an opportunity to leave your mark on the circular economy (never mind pad your wallet!)  Here's how it works…

We’re soliciting circular solutions for the product types identified on the “Clothing & Gear” and “For the Home” pages in BeCircular.  To fuel your creativity, we'll reward you with $5 for EACH approved idea you that makes it onto the BeCircular page.  

A circular solution is generally defined as...

  1. A way to reuse or redistribute something that still serves its originally intended purpose OR

  2. A way to recycle a non-functioning product without sacrificing the quality of its component materials   

You must have a Venmo or PayPal account to receive payment.  Max of 5 payments to a  user per month.  Payments made only to solutions that are approved and published to the site will. Solutions already considered common knowledge will not be considered for payment. If your idea is approved and published, we’ll contact you via email to arrange payment. 

Good solutions are specific and usually pertain to...

  • Specific companies that take back and recycle the types of products they make.

  • Proven methods of repair for common household items.

  • Innovative ways to upcycle or re-purpose items you no longer need.

  • Profitable channels of redistribution for functional items.

Solutions that require the use of a single stream recycling system will not be considered.

Don't worry if your solution is for an item you don't see in MCW's library, if it's innovative and effective we'll find a place for it.  

Ideas for product's with empty fields in the BeCircular boxes are more likely to be approved & posted.  

Browse ideas already posted in BeCircular for more examples.

Circular Solution: Submission Form

Thanks for you contribution to a circular future!

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