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 In the span of a single lifetime... humans have gone from the Wright Brothers to Mars Rovers; from Sears & Roebuck to 1 Click Shopping; and from a population of 1.9 billion to one of 7.7 billion.  The world today is hardly comparable to that of our grandparents' - yet the economic principles that distribute our wealth and resources have changed very little since the early 1900's.

The unprecedented success of 20th century economics created unimaginable growth, but it also left us with a model that destroys our planet's natural systems and exhausts our supply of natural resources.  If we want to continue our success into the 21st century, we need to transition to a system that serves the needs of modern society AND respects the natural limits of the planet.  

​My Circular World's mission is to help facilitate that transition by offering consumers the information they need to find circular companies; and to connect those companies with the customers they need to fuel their circular efforts.