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Imagine an Economy that uses our natural resources in a way that meets the needs of modern society AND respects the finite limits of the planet.  

My Circular World


MCW is a catalog of products built for the circular economy,


And a guide for what to do with items you no longer need.

The Circular Economy in a Nutshell


Explore our catalog of products that were designed and built for a circular economy.


Keep your "stuff" in the circular economy, and get the most value back when you return it.

WasteFree living requires sacrifice . . . 

Settling for lower quality products made from down-cycled material

Paying for recycling services instead of redeeming the value of our stuff

Sorting through trash and relying on recycling programs that don't work

But what if it didn't have to...

The Circular Products Catalog
The CPC is your guide to products that were designed to be part of a circular economy.  Here you will find goods and services that...
  • Reduce the impact their production and distribution has on the environment
  • Are designed for reuse and refurbishment from the very beginning
  • Are made in a way that allows their component parts to be separated and recycled

My Circular World's mission is to simplify your path to the waste-free, circular lifestyle you desire.   We start by helping you find products that were not designed to end up as waste.  

Buying circular doesn't matter if your stuff ends up in a waste stream.  BeCircular aims to prevent that laying out your options and identifying return value. 
  • Companies that will recycle their products for you, and what they'll give you for it
  • Best platforms to resell or donate goods that still have a value
  • Best practices for recycling and composting common household materials 
  • How to become a DIY master or hire someone to repair almost anything 

The end of the life for a product is just as important as the beginning; they could in fact be viewed as one in the same.  My Circular World is your guide to go beyond the bin.  

Garden Soil

In a circular economy, the things we use are designed to be part of predetermined cycles that never end.

Instead of making whatever we want and figuring out what to do with it after we're done, things are designed to be part of a system.

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