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Imagine an Economy that uses our natural resources in a way that meets the needs of modern society AND respects the finite limits of the planet.  

My Circular World


The circular economy makes this possible; and MCW is your gateway to it. 

This site is designed to guide you to products that are built for a circular economy AND provide you the means to return them back to the circular economy when you're done with them.  

The Circular Economy

My Circular World

Living waste free in today's world requires sacrifice:

Paying higher prices for lower quality products made from down-cycled material

PAYING for recycling services instead of redeeming the inherent value of our stuff

Sorting through trash and relying on recycling programs that don't work

What if it didn't have to...

Better yet, what if you could get something valuable back for your "trash"

Purchase Elements
Find products that were built to be part of the circular economy

MCW's Circular Products Catalog was made to help you do so.  It's not only a source to find products built for the circular economy, its a guide for how to return them...

Return Elements
Find how to return things to the circular economy when you're done with them

In a circular economy, the things we use are designed to be part of predetermined cycles that never end. Instead of making whatever we want and figuring out what to do with it after we're done, everything is designed to be part of a system.

Being part of this system has it's rewards. 

It reduces the creation of waste and pollution

It preserves our finite supply of resources

And it makes our "stuff" valuable even after we're done using it

MCW is all about helping you find that value

Iconic corporations and new startups alike are rethinking how things are made, and what happens to them after they're used.  You can find them here

The Latest . . .

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